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About MSB Holdings

MSB Holdings seeks out buildings with original charm and renovates them to bring out the beauty they once had. We feel that this pride of ownership shows in our homes and is part of what allows us the honor of continued tenant renewals year after year.


Instructions for filling out your rental certificate: 

Download the form - 2017 Rent certificate
Fill out the top portion and also the portion that asks for the amount of rent you paid. We do not track individual rental amounts - only the gross amount per apartment. Please determine what portion of the rent was yours, and enter it into the appropriate line.
Mail the completed form with a stamped return envelope. We’ll fill it out and return asap

Information about August rentals

Most MSB apartments are on an August to August lease. We are currently renting for the August 2018 rental season. Openings will be updated as renewal information comes in. Please check back often to find available apartments. 

Now you can pay rent online!

Auto-draw and one time payments are available and secure.