Cleaning Checklist

Please refer to the check-in sheet you filled out within 7 days of moving into your apartment since this is what is used to gauge cleanliness and damage. 

Most common cleaning oversights:

Dirty kitchen cabinets & drawers - please wipe them out
Dirty refrigerators  - wipe out and make sure the drawers and crisper are cleaned
Dirty ovens - please use oven cleaner or the self cleaner
Floors beneath the appliances - pull them out and sweep and mop  
Common area debris left behind - this includes basements and hallways. Please remove any stored items and stored trash  
Improper disposal of recyclables and items that require payment to the city. Microwaves, tv’s, monitors, are often left curbside without a sticker from the city. Massive piles of cardboard left curbside are also a common sight.

All Rooms:

 Vacuum carpeting

 Sweep and mop all non-carpeted floors

 Clean all hardwood floors using appropriate hardwood cleaner, such as Bona Hardwood cleaner 

 Wash insides and outsides of all windows 

 Vacuum window sills

Put all screens and storm-windows back in the appropriate frames

Clean bugs and dust out of overhead light fixtures

 Dust off top of doors and trim above windows or baseboards

 Remove ALL personal items from apartment, basement, garage and common areas.

 Replace any burned out light bulbs or fuses

 Remove cobwebs


 Wipe off closet shelving and remove hangers


 Clean stove and broiler (Easy-Off® works well, even on the surface of the stove) Do NOT get any oven cleaner on linoleum! It will stain it.

Clean floor under stove and refrigerator

 Clean out and disinfect refrigerator and freezer.  PLEASE LEAVE REFRIGERATOR PLUGGED IN AND ON!

 Clean and sanitize dishwasher 

 Remove all food items from shelves

Wipe out all drawers

 Wipe out below kitchen sink 

 Wipe out the inside of kitchen cabinets and drawers


 Clean mirrors 

 Clean bathtub and toilet 

 Clean the inside of bathroom cabinets 

 Mop all linoleum or tile


Remove all garbage and stored items

Yard and Garbage:

 Remove any debris from yard

 Everything left on the curb must be suitable for pick-up and in appropriate containers per city refuse and recycling laws. Cardboard boxes may NOT be used to hold garbage.  Recyclable containers may NOT be mixed in with garbage, and must be in clear plastic bags or city-sponsored crates. If you have any questions regarding garbage collection guidelines, please visit City of Madison Refuse and Recycling

 Repair any damage to the lawn or apartment caused by your pet


Keys should be left next to the kitchen sink on your scheduled move-out day. I will not be available to personally accept your keys.

PLEASE VACATE  YOUR APARTMENT BY 12:00 NOON on the last day of your lease! 

Any cleaning that must be done by my staff may be charged against your security deposit at the rate of $48 per labor hour.

Thank you for your effort!  Just as you appreciate moving into a clean apartment, so do the tenants moving into yours.