Security Deposit Return Policy/Submit Your Forwarding Information

We try to send out deposits as quickly as possible. Returning deposits requires reviewing a variety of things, all of which take time to gather. The amount of the deposit returned is determined by the overall condition of the apartment, how well the apartment was cleaned, costs associated with disposal of any remaining personal items in the apartment, items left in common areas such as basements and halls, or on the curb. Administrative fees such as final water bills, past due rents, bounced check fees, late payment fees, unpaid paypal fees are also deducted from the deposit. 

Quick tips to make sure you get your full deposit back

The best way to get your deposit back is to follow the cleaning checklist and make sure all your administrative costs have been paid. A few cleaning items that are neglected often enough to mention are:

Dirty kitchen cabinets & drawers - please wipe them out

Dirty refrigerators  - wipe out and make sure the drawers and crisper are cleaned

Dirty ovens - please use oven cleaner or the self cleaner

Floors beneath the appliances - pull them out and sweep and mop  

Common area debris left behind - this includes basements and hallways. Please remove any stored items and stored trash  

Improper disposal of recyclables and items that require payment to the city. Microwaves, tv’s, monitors, are often left curbside without a sticker from the city. Massive piles of cardboard left curbside are also a common sight.  

Deposits are required to be returned within 21 days of move out. We try to send them out as soon as possible but it usually takes at least two weeks. 



As always, if you have questions call Michael at 608-213-6625 or email