MSB Holdings
Early Move-In Cleaning Waiver Agreement

This agreement can be helpful to all parties involved in the moving process on or around summer turnover.

By allowing residents to move in on the same day the the outgoing tenant leaves, (generally the 14th instead of the 15th or the 31st instead of the 1st), it eliminates the need to find storage for you and your belongings for the evening.  Unfortunately, if you move in the same day the existing tenants move out, it makes it impossible for us to check the unit out to confirm the previous tenants have cleaned adequately.   If you would like to move in early you must sign this agreement that acknowledges you understand that some problems may arise from an early move in.  Every outgoing resident has been sent a cleaning checklist  and a reminder of what to do to in order to receive their full security deposit back. The are required to be out by noon.

We understand that MSB Holdings is relying on the current residents to clean the apartment before they vacate the premises. We also understand that the current tenant’s behavior cannot be guaranteed – and we agree to hold MSB Holdings harmless if the apartment is not as clean as we would like it.

We agree to hold MSB Holdings harmless in the event the current residents fail to vacate on the 14th, and if this happens, we agree to move in on the 15th as previously arranged. 

We agree that when we vacate the apartment, we will return the apartment to MSB Holdings in a clean condition, with every item on the MSB Holdings Cleaning Checklist completed.

We also agree to be responsible for any furniture left in the apartment by the current residents, and we will dispose of it when we vacate the apartment.