Maintenance Requests

Guidelines for submitting a maintenance request :

Note: texting for maintenance concerns is acceptable for pressing issues or emergencies. All administrative correspondence should be sent via email.

Here’s a guide on how to approach different maintenance items:

For health & safety emergencies - examples consist of: Fire, injury, smell of smoke, gas, or hear an alarm, or any other situation causing danger to life or health - call 911.

For police non-emergency - examples consist of: Loud neighbors, suspicious activity, unauthorized people in your building, drug activity - call Madison Police non-emergency - 608-255-2345

For maintenance utility emergencies - examples consist of: No water, no heat, dangerous icing conditions - Call or text maintenance at 608-213-6625

For maintenance non-emergencies - Anything that can wait until tomorrow without damaging you or the building falls within this category. Please submit your maintenance in the form request below.

For parking issues - make attempts to locate and communicate with the offending vehicle’s owner. If not possible, park on the street and contact City of Madison Parking Enforcement. Msb Holdings does not mitigate parking problems.

Additional Resources:

No water - Call Madison Water Utility 608-266-4665.
No heat (winter only) - If you can’t get us call General Heating emergency number, (608) 271-3900.
No electricity - Call Mg&E 608-252-7111
Plumbing issues - If you can’t get us call - Avid Plumbing, 608-661-2843
Leaking gas pipes or gas smell Mg&E Emergency  608-252-7111
Locked out of apartment (You will be charged $75, so make sure you have exhausted your options)

By submitting this request you give MSB Holdings permission to enter your unit to address your request. If you would like a phone call before we enter, please note in your request.

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Note: dogs must be locked away from work area

We try to respond to all maintenance requests as soon as possible.  In most cases, requests are completed within 24-48 hours.  If the maintenance technician is unable to repair the problem, we will contact you to explain the situation and let you know when it will be fixed.

At times, the maintenance staff become too busy to fix everything within 24 hours. If this occurs, please try to be patient and, remember that we work on a modified first-come-first-serve basis.  This means is that if your maintenance concern is more urgent, it will preempt other requests. It also means, however, that the reverse may happen.  This rarely occurs except  late August through September which is after the annual turnover.  During this time period, please be as patient as possible.