Satellite / Cable TV/Phone Installation Form 

A maintenance crew may take reasonable measures to install cable or satellite service in this building. If the following rules are not followed, the dish will be removed and a be charged for damages may be assessed: 

Dishes may only be installed on the second floor balconies.
Dishes may extend beyond the height of the gutters, on a pole, provided they are properly attached to the balcony.

No dishes may be attached to any roofs, fascia or gutters. 

No dishes may be planted in the ground on a pole.

All wires must be properly and securely attached to the building. Any swinging wires will be cut and removed. 

6. Wires must be secured to the building in a perfectly perpendicular or parallel fashion. This means wires may only run up-and-down or left-and-right. Wires may NOT run diagonally across the building face. 

7. Wires may NOT enter the apartment through the windows, doors, window openings, door openings or the air conditioning sleeve. 

8. If a hole is drilled in the brick, it must enter the apartment at no more than 15 inches above the 

apartment floor. Holes may enter into the basement through the brick near the basement ceiling. 9. All holes drilled in brick must be no larger than 12 inch diameter plus the diameter of the wire. All holes must be caulked with clear silicone caulk to prevent water, air and insects from gaining access to the building. 

10. All interior holes drilled into apartments must be covered with a white or cream colored faceplate (cable jack). 

11. Wires may be run through the attic, or attached to the basement ceiling joists. Wires in the basement must only run left-and-right. Wires may NOT run diagonally across the basement ceiling joists. 

It is imperative that you and your installer follow these rules or you may be charged for damages to the building. 

If you have questions, please call MSB Holdings at 608-213-6625.